woensdag 19 oktober 2016

OUTFIT: Fall accessories with Zaful

The master is in the details and this is definitely the case in fashion. A simple outfit can always be lifted to the next level by some kind of special accessory. When the webshop Zaful offered me the chance to try their services, I didn't hesitate one second. 

Zaful's range is endless and very fashionable. The first thing I noticed when I hit the webshop, is how affordable yet very qualitative all the items look. I can't wait to see how the products will look in real life. 

A lot of fashion bloggers order their clothes on Zaful but I decided to shop some accessories. One of the first items that caught my eye when I checked out the website was this cassette shaped bag. Isn't it the cutest? Other items I got are the metallic pair of sunglasses, the rhinestone watch and earrings.

After about a week everything got delivered to my home. The items were packed well, which is something I feel passionate about. Upon unwrapping the items I was stunned by the gorgeous quality of the items. If you want to buy these items, scroll down this page and click the links of the corresponding items

Photography by Joshe Bruggen

sunglasses: Zaful // earrings: Zaful // watch: Zaful // bag: Zaful // blouse: Elysée Fashion // skirt: Zara // sneakers: Adidas by Zalando // trench coat: Primark

zaterdag 15 oktober 2016

FASHION: Cheap winter dresses from webshop Eridress

While I'm writing this blogpost and wrapped into a bunch of blankets, the fireplace is working extra time. Later this evening my mother will hopefully spoil me with a cup of hot coco while we're both wearing our warmest pj's. You girls get it, king Winter is slowly taking over the landscape.

In the summer I often dress like a girly girl with all sorts of skirts and dresses. But in the winter I tend to stay stuck to jeans all the time which kind of starts to feel boring. Time to stock my closet with some winter dresses?

Googling cheap dresses for women lead me to http://www.ericdress.com/. Read my previous blogposts about Ericdress here and here.

One of the fabrics I love to wear are sweater fabric or cardigan fabric. This is super cosy and warm. Although these two fabrics may sound casual, they can both be worn really dressy as well. Check below my selection with my favourite cheap sweater dresses and cardigan dresses or check the full range on: http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-sweater-dresses-102049/

A camel dress is a real winter classic and is a must in every women's closet. The  white longer dress is for all you cool chicks out there. The lenght of this dress is super trendy. The burgundy dress is also a must have because this is simply such a great colour. Least but not least the preppy sweater outfits are very trendy as well.

During the summer I really embraced wearing maxi dresses. These kind of dresses make you feel elegant and feminine. So why not wear them in winter as well? Check my favourite cheap long dresses below or go the website: http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-dresses-101884/

donderdag 13 oktober 2016

FASHION: Dresswe Crazy Black Friday Sales 2016

Hi girls! Time to share another secret with you! I always loved wearing new items and definitely as a fashion blogger it's very important to often wear new clothes. This is of course not so cheap and doesn't make me want to splurge on clothes for special occasions such as New Year's Eve.

The last few years I have re-worn old dresses on new year's eve but this year I definitely want a new one. So I asked myself how to look picture perfect without breaking my bank account!? Sales only start after the 1st January so this will be too late. Neither do I want a dress from some chain shop and risking spotting other girls wearing the same thing.  Luckily a lot of webshops are influenced by American holidays and my favourite is Black Friday. Black Friday is the last Friday of November (25/11/16) during which (online) shops offer huge sales.

A little bird told me that on my favourite webshop Dresswe all items will be up to 90% off. So girls get ready to rumble over those perfect and unique occasion dresses. Dresswe has a huge range of items so I'll show you my favourites from the Dresswe Black Friday Sales 2016.

This year is definitely your chance to finally wear that princess maxi dress you've always wanted to wear. If you want to surprise your friends, you could opt for a purple dress like the first one.
Red is very beautiful as well, definitely when you have brown hair. Another pretty colour for the holidays is emerald green, this is one hell of a classy colour. 
If you want some safer options, you opt for black, powder pink or royal blue. Black might sound a bit boring but you can also mix up fabrics and lengths, see picture 4.

New Year's Eve is the perfect occasion to go wild with embellishments on your clothing or accessories. Lace is also a great option because it looks super classy and elegant. Dresswe also offers the perfect accessories and shoes to go with your dress. Check all the sale items here: http://www.dresswe.com/topic/blackfriday.html 

Which dress is your favourite? What do you usually wear on NYE? Are you planning to mix things up this year?

dinsdag 11 oktober 2016


NL: Vorige week konden jullie op de blog al lezen over de nieuwe collectie van Teacups & Dresses. Naast sweaters zitten er ook andere toffe items in de collectie zoals deze "Hottea" muts. In 2015 waren de mutsen al in de mode maar toen miste ik de trein een beetje dus nu wou ik er meteen bij zijn zodra de temperaturen begonnen te dalen. Naast lekker warm is deze deze muts ook super fashionable. Dubbel gescoord dus! Wat vinden jullie van deze outfit?

ENG: Last week I already wrote about the new collection of Teacups & Dresses. There are not only cute sweaters but also other pretty items such as this "Hottea" beanie. In 2015 beanies were all the rage in fashion town but I kind of missed out on that train. I promised myself that I would be the first one to wear a beanie in 2016 and tatata... My T&D beanie is not only super comfy but also very fashionable. What do you think of this outfit? 


beanie: Teacups & Dresses // T-Shirt: Zara // skirt: Supertrash // coat: Pinko // bag: Chanel // boots: Supertrash // necklace: Zara 

vrijdag 7 oktober 2016

OUTFIT: My Yoins items

NL: Accessoires maken een outfit helemaal af en daarom wissel ik ook wel eens graag af. Jammer genoeg beschik ik niet over een ongelimiteerd budget dus soms moet ik ook wel eens op zoek naar een goedkopere oplossing. Een tijdje geleden kwam ik in contact met de webshop Yoins, gespecialiseerd in goedkope en modieuze items. Hierop vond ik een aantal leuke spulletjes zoals deze "maantjes" choker en "blad" armband

Andere nieuwkomers in deze outfit zijn het T-Shirt van Sienna en de tas van Liu Jo. Sienna is een super tof boetiekje in hartje Antwerpen, zeker een aanrader! Achter de tas van Liu Jo zit nog een grappig verhaal. Mijn ma en ik gingen de stad in om tandpasta te kopen. We kwamen allebei met een nieuwe Liu Jo tas thuis. Ik geef toe dat we misschien wel een probleem hebben ;-) Laten jullie aub een comment achter met jullie mening over deze outfit!?

ENG: Accessories can make or break an outfit and that's why I love to mix things up. Unfortunately I don't have access to an unlimited budget and that's why I went looking for a cheaper solution. A while I got contacted by the webshop Yoins, which specialises in cheap and fashionable items. A few lovely items ended up in basket such as the "moon" choker and the leaf-shaped bracelet

Other newbies in this outfit are the T-Shirt from Sienna and the Liu Jo bag. Sienna is a super cute shop in the heart of Antwerp, definitely worth a visit! There's a funny story behind the purchase of the Liu Jo bag. My mom and I were in the city to buy some tooth paste and both came home with a new Liu Jo bag. I admit we might be having a problem ;-) Please leave a comment with your opinion on this outfit. 


bracelet: Yoins // necklace: Yoins // T-shirt: Sienna // pants: H&M // belt: Gucci // jacket: Mango // sneakers: Adidas by Zalando // bag: Liu Jo // watch: Michael Kors

donderdag 6 oktober 2016

EVENT: Tea Time Club releaseparty

NL: Elke woensdagavond ontspan ik door naar Pink Ambition te kijken op Vijf Tv en allicht doen jullie dat ook! Vooral spring-in-het-veld An-Katrien wist al veel harten te veroveren van tv-kijkend Vlaanderen door haar spontaniteit en goedlachsheid. Dit in combinatie met haar liefde voor mode, resulteerde vorig jaar in een hippe micro collectie van sweaters. De kenmerken van deze collectie zijn vooral roze en fluffy ;-)

Door het overdonderde succes van de eerste collectie komt An-Katrien nu op de proppen met de Tea Time Club. Deze keer zitten er naast sweaters, ook vestjes en rokjes in de collectie. Daar stopt het nog niet helemaal, als kers op de taart creëerde An-Katrien ook haar eigen parfum. Hieronder zien jullie enkele beelden van de releaseparty. Wil je zeker jouw  favoriete item te pakken krijgen? Pre-order dan hier: http://www.teacupsanddresses.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

ENG: Each Wednesday evening I relax by watching Pink Ambition on Vijf TV like most of you! Especially happy girl An-Katrien conquered many hearts with her spontaneous character and sweet smile. These characteristics in combination with her love for fashion, resulted in a trendy micro collection of sweaters last year. An-Katrien's collection is very recognizable because of its pinkness and fluffiness.

Because of the amazing success of her first collection, An-Katrien created a second collection called "Tea Time Club". This time around it's not only sweaters, but also jackets and skirts. Last but not least An-Katrien also created her own perfume. Below you can check some images of the release party. Don't miss out on your favourite item by pre-ordering the collection here: http://www.teacupsanddresses.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

dinsdag 4 oktober 2016

EVENT: A Prima Vista - Jadise Launch

NL: Afgelopen donderdag vond de eerste editie van A Prima Vista plaats, een Italiaans netwerk event. De eerste editie vond in Hasselt plaats bracht een mix van de mediterrane keuken, muziek, lifestyle, kunst en vooral Italiaanse mode. Het hoogtepunt van de avond was wat mij betreft de lancering van het luxe handtassenmerk Jadise op de Benelux markt. 

Mijn kast zit propvol met handtassen maar de pareltjes van Jadise wisten mij meteen te bekoren. Het vakmanschap straalt meteen van deze tassen af en het unieke design maakt het plaatje compleet. Een beperkte greep uit de collectie is momenteel reeds online beschikbaar: https://www.jadise.be/collections/all. Zorg dat je er als eerste bij bent want ik voorspel dat binnenkort elke vrouw zal pronken met een Jadise handtas. 

ENG: Last Thursday the first edition of A Prima Vista took place, an Italian network event. The first edition took place in Hasselt and brought a mix of the meditaranean kitchen, music, lifestyle, art and especially Italian fashion. The highlight of the evening according to me was definitely the launch of the luxurious bag brand Jadise on the market of the Benelux.

My closet is filled with a ton of bags but the beauties of Jadise managed to capture my heart instantly. The craftsmanship of these bags is amazing and the unique designs are unbelievable. A part of the range is already available online: https://www.jadise.be/collections/all. Get your hands on them first because I predict that pretty soon every girl will be carrying around a Jadise bag.